Thermal Printer



                            Anti Jamming System

                            Automatic Status Back

                            Adjustable paper infeed for different paper widths

                            Self-balancing paper roll holder

                            Illuminated paper bezel

                            Multi-position paper roll

                            The standard roll holder handles paper rolls with a diameter of up to 180mm, but the powerful printer motor is capable of handling paper rolls up to 300 mm in diameter

                            Automatic ticket Presenter

                            Automatic ticket retracting

                            Operating temperatures -20 +70°C±10%


                            Self-service kiosks

                            Banking machines and cash dispensers

                            Gaming machines

                            Parking meters

                            Vending machines

                            Queue management systems

                            SOFTWARE PrinterSet : to update logos, edit characters, set operating parameters and update the printer firmware. It allows you to create a file including the different SW customizations and send them to the printer via the interface provided, for easy and fast setting.

                            Full remote management via internal web server

                            Automatic e-mail sending for service purposes

                            DLL status monitor

                            Auto-installing drivers for Win XP/Vista /7/8/10 (32/64 bit compatible)

                            Linux Driver (C.U.P.S.) 32/64 bit compatible

                            WOSA XFS driver

                            JavaPOS Driver

                            OPOS Driver


                            Standard interface (OPOS compatible) that enables the user application to access the functionalities of the POS printer.


                            Shutter for outdoor use:

                            Allows you to reduce on-site technical service costs, since it strongly increases the life of internal components

                            It prevents any accidental introduction of objects into the printer bezel

                            No software update required

                            Easy to install, even on site (retrofit)

                            Operating conditions:

                            Minimum paper weight: 60gr/mq with 85% humidity (non-condensate)

                            Operating temperatures: -20 +70°C ±10%

                            TECHNICAL SHEET

                            Printing Method Thermal with fixed head        

                            Number of dots 8 dots/mm        

                            Resolution 203 DPI  / head featuring improved printing quality        

                            Printing (mm/sec) 220 mm/sec        

                            Character set PC437, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, PC858        

                            Printing Format Normal, height and width from 1x to 8x, reverse, underlined, script, bold        

                            Printing Direction Straight, 90°, 180°, 270°        

                            Paper width from 60 to 82.5 mm        

                            Paper weight from 55 to 110 g/m2        

                            Roll Dimension max 180mm (150mm with paper roll on top)        

                            Emulation CUSTOM/POS        

                            Interfaces RS232+USB        

                            Data Buffer 16 KB        

                            Flash Memory 384 KB        

                            Graphic Memory 2 logos of 608 x 862 dots (for 80/82.5mm paper width)        

                            Drivers Full Driver for win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit compatible); Linux Driver, 32/64 bit compatible; OPOS; JavaPOS, WOSA XFS        

                            Software Tools CustomPowerTool, PrinterSet        

                            Power supply 24 Vdc±10%        

                            Medium consumption 1A   (12,5% dots turned on)        

                            MTBF 590,000 hours (electronic board)        

                            Head Life 100Km / 100M pulses        

                            MCBF 1,500.000 cuts        

                            Operating temperature -20 +70°C ±10%        

                            Dimensions 149.5 (L) x 121.2 (H) x 123.5 (W) mm        

                            Weight 1.6 Kg

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