Company profile

                            MEC (Suzhou) Electric Company Limited was set up in year of 2002. Our factory is situated in Suzhou, centre of the Yangtze River Delta. Since its establishment, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of upgrading from traditional production to lean production. In 2012, MEC completely finished the transformation and upgrading to electronics manufacturing line and mainly engaged in the design, production of electronic products, like thermal printers, pos terminal etc. We provide customers with a package of solutions in terms of receipt printing, statistics, analysis and summary to sales data.

                            With registered capital of USD 2.8 million, our company covers an area of 30,000 square meters and employs around170 operators and staffs. At present, we have 5 assembly lines and the annual production capacity is 500,000 pcs of thermal printers and cash registers as well as relative accessories.

                            Our management and production system are strictly carried on according to the standard of ISO9001:2008. All of our products are CE/UL/CCC/CQC approved. We are also experienced in making the products according to the standard of different countries.

                            • 30000
                              M2 total area
                            • 28000
                              M2 plant area
                            • 2000
                              M2 office space
                            • 170
                              Number of employees
                            • 280
                              Ten thousand US dollars registered capital
                            Qualifications and honors

                            Tax contribution award

                            Quality management system certification

                            quality management system certification

                            Certificate of standard implementation

                            Software copyright

                            Industrial Design Center

                            Enterprise Technology Center

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